Custom Engineered Labels & Pattern Coating

Image of Custom Engineering Lab

With five different coating processes including patterns and our patented DOT* adhesive, NAStar constructs unique products to suit individual needs, even printing or tinting under the adhesive. Linered and linerless constructions available.

NAStar’s coating processes allow us to produce adhesive patterns both in the machine direction or cross web.  Choose from one of our stocked patterns, or contact us for more information on creating a custom pattern. 

Creating unique products to suit individual orders including:

  • 5 different coating processes
  • Linered or linerless construction
  • Print tint under adhesive
  • Patterns available in machine direction or cross web
  • Discrete dots of adhesive*

Call (800) 676-9665 or email for samples, additional information, or to discuss product applications. 

*US Patent No. 8,163,365 B2