Laser Products

Image of various laser facestocks and finished productsWith our roots in laser products, NAStar Inc. has the experience to provide customers with the solutions they need. Our available laser facestocks include paper, films such as vinyl and polyester, tags, blockout materials, and piggybacks, ensuring we have an answer for almost any application. 

All of the above are available in our 9” x 5,000’ stocked Laser Products RediRoll inventory.

Six standard laser liners, customizable for as little as 3MMSI
• 3.2 mil     • 5.7 mil     • 2.5 mil    
• 4.6 mil     • 3.9 mil     • 78# Kraft

Laser compatible adhesives adapt to any application, also customizable for as little as 3MMSI.
• Drum Label Adhesive
• Compostable/Biodegradable Adhesive
• Aggressive Permanents
• Name Badge
• Environmentally Benign Adhesive
• All Temp Adhesives
Temporary Adhesive™
• Repulpable Adhesive

laser product list

digital Colordyne approved materials

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