USPS Approved MailNotes® RPN Labels

Add Value to your Direct MailImage of NAStar Inc. MailNotes applied to various Direct Mail Pieces and Catalogs

MailNotes Labels are promotional notes that cannot be missed by recipients. This classification, very specific as defined by the DMM under 709.6, allows mailers to affix flag patterned 3" x 3" notes to the outside of the envelope, postcard, or paper cover of their mail pieces. MailNotes labels extend the life of an advertisement, by removing cleanly from the outside or inside of a mailing and can also be reapplied almost anywhere, from a refrigerator or desk to a calendar or next to the phone.

  • Multiple adhesive patterns approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS) from which to choose. Patterns include “Flag", DOT*, and Full Gum Editor’s Choice.
  • Facestock Colors to suit any advertising campaign include inkjet and laser printable uncoated yellow and glossy white. 
  • Linered MailNotes products are auto-applied off-line or in-line for most automated labeling equipment.
  • Linerless format available for high volume/high-speed application.


mailnotes products

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U.S. Patent 8,163,365 B2